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Knitted garment with handspun yarn during performance art of fine thanks by illustrator and artist Bo Yoon
Fine Thanks
Hand spun and knitted yarn, performance garment
81 x 246 cm

My work is about a transition through a traumatic experience, and what is left afterwards. Through work serving as a combination of performance garment, sculptural object and also photographic image, I intend to provide not just a visual idea but also a wearable and tangible aftermath of a trauma.

From the very scratch of pulling and spinning my own yarn, gradually a single strand becomes a head-to-toe covering costume, reflecting on how trauma builds up through time and agony. Once I wear it, the garment would then transform into a hideout, where I would disconnect and cover up myself to conceal who I am. Such emotions as agitation, woe, anger and desolation become the literal skin and surface of the work.

The aspect of the performance to activate the work is to endure and blend into what is thought of as a normal life. The garment, like trauma, is not something you can wear for one day, and take off for another. It is there to make others be aware of their surrounding, how it exists in our daily life, whilst I keep distance with them through remaining silent, persevering, and hoping to unravel it one day.